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Elegante stijl Tariverdiev*Mikael - Olga Sergeevn (Score) / O.S.T. [Vinyl] USA import NRIvTXGx

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Mikael Tariverdiev - Olga Sergeevn (Score) / O.S.T. (Vinyl NEW)Label: Earth RecordingsFormat: LPRelease Date: 10 Nov 2017No. of Discs: 2UPC: 809236102065Album Tracks1. Faster Than Sound2. Movement In Tempo Presto3. Morning in the Mountains4. Sun In Rain5. Memory (Instrumental)6. Olga's Melody7. Burned Out Nerves8. Reflection9. Recollection10. Movement In E Minor11. The Solitude Of The Boat12. Harpsichord Rhythm13. Nocturne14. Don't Disappear (Instrumental)15. Moscow Morning16. Childhood17. Circles On Water18. Wanderer19. Aria20. Longing For Silence21. Memory (Vocal)22. Appearance23. Out Of Shot24. Horizon25. Mariner26. Cloud Land27. Vanishing Point28. Don't Disappear (Vocal)